How to choose best Gold French Wire for making jewelry

How to choose best Gold French Wire for making jewelry

Your designs are precious to you and you definitely want the best product to add to your designs. So, I decided to dedicate this article for designers who are confused which type of French wire to use in their designs or for making jewellery. Even if you are a beginner and making your own jewellery, this blog will still benefit you. Let’s explore all the criteria’s that are required to find the right product for your designs.

Criteria 1: Color of French Wire

Though this article is about how to choose Gold French Wire for making jewellery, you can still use the same procedure for choosing French Wire for any color. So, make sure that you know which color French wire you want to use.

Criteria 2: Material of French Wire

French Wire is commonly made by copper or iron. Iron French Wire are low-quality French Wire that is why they are really cheap. On the other hand, Copper French Wire are high-quality French Wire and have high resistance to rust.

So, if you are looking for good quality and durable French Wire then Gold French Wire is the right choice.

Criteria 3: Style of French Wire

French Wire comes in various lovely styles like Spiral, Cut, Smooth, DNA Structure, Double Color and Double Twisted. All these wire are really beautiful, you just have to find the one that suits your requirement of your design.

Criteria 4: Size of French Wire

When you are done with choosing the style of French Wire you want then you should choose which size (diameter) of French Wire you want to add to your design. French Wire comes in diameters like 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm.

Where can you buy premium quality Gold French Wire in different styles?

One stop store for buying high-quality Copper French Wire is With the high-quality product, good customer service and fast shipping come in handy. You can find all the above styles of French Wire in any color you want. There you can also explore other metallic wires for you jewellery like Nakshi, Stiff Wire, Bullion Wire, Gimp Wire, Mukaish, Kora, and Flat Metal Strips.