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Office Relocation: Moving Day and Beyond

Office Relocation: Moving Day and Beyond

Let us assume you have spent the last few months working with an office moving company to prepare your office relocation. It has been a lot of work so far, but the work is not quite over yet. There is still moving day, and there is also the afterward. Even after your office move has been completed, there will still be loose ends to take care of. So let’s talk about the last couple stages of office relocation.

Moving day: The big day has finally come. Your preparations are complete, and now you are seeing them in action, hopefully paying off. So what can you do now? Well, a few things. Stay in touch with everyone: the movers and your employees. If something is not going as planned, see what you can do to help. It is extremely likely that something will not go as you had hoped. That being said, professional office movers are there to help you through the unexpected, as they have seen it all before; so they should be your first point of contact when things go wrong. Oftentimes, you will be provided with their cell phone numbers, so that you can keep in constant communication.

You may also want to be phoning other coworkers as well. Remember: There are necessarily two offices you will be dealing with that day, and you can only be in one of them at any given time. Expect a lot of phone calling; make sure that things are going smoothly on both ends. Luckily for you, if you hire a proper office moving company, they will likely assist with on-site supervision, so you won’t be the only one on top of things. Stay in touch with them and utilize their help. They will make your moving day a lot easier; like we said before, you can’t be everywhere at once.

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Afterward: Once your move is finished and your business is up and running again, there will still be some more move-related work to do. Perhaps a few things went missing or got broken in the move — hopefully not, but it happens. You may need to do some replacing. Make sure everything is working properly again. Also, make sure that your employees are all comfortable with their new office — and, perhaps, with their new commute. If you moved your office a fair distance, some of your employees may be suffering a much worse commute. See what you can do to help.

And lastly, do not forget to update all of your clients regarding your new address. This should be done well in advance of the move, but send out updates again. Make sure everyone who ought to know where your business is now knows. You would not want to lose business because of a move. On the contrary, the hope is that the move will, in some way or another, help push your company forward, to that next level. Moving can be great for business, so we wish you the best of luck in your worthwhile endeavor.